by Broken Beak

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Songs from 2013 - 2015

00:00 / It's Okay (Land of Talk Cover)


04:30 / Curse

youre a curse and a burden
do you realize youre worthless
all i want is to be brave
whats the point of all that courage
when no ones around to be
astonished or amazed


05:15 / Breakfast

let me haunt your house
and keep you up at night
play a song and say
listen it sounds real nice
but youre always tired
and you keep your hands folded
well i will hold them


06:10 / Leaving

dont go home


08:15 / Rooks

i dont know any good jokes
i cant give too much away
virginia why are you up so late


09:15 / So Sure

the warm solace that i keep
practice to forget
im not so sure what sure is


10:15 / Chase

perched on a line
wasnt worth the wait believe me
i dont want to waste my time
crossing out and getting hazed
i never feel like theres some sort of love
that i cant chase


11:35 / Before Work

i was in town on my vessel
grin to the sun
then came a horrible pain
when the steaming asphalt
took hold of my bicycles
rims and melted
i came to in the worst mood
we can get high if you want
in this hospital babe
wherever theres nurses
im sure theres pills
for you to slip in
i would be glad just to go insane
if it got me paid
i paint saint summons
they came and they both knew my name


12:30 / Burner

burning off your eyelashes
i talk like a lady and sing along like a lady
they call you by your name
each one a little louder than the last
staring at the line muttering next
were nothing


13:25 / Whim

it is easy to get me going
ill probably kill myself on a whim
i am afraid of what i could do and become
you are missed immensely by me
but i cannot recognize you
i am afraid of what youve done and become
space eater


released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Broken Beak Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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